Retain Customers & Improve Customer Lifetime Value

Map your customers' journey through
every step of their lifecyle

As a Marketeer one of your biggest challenges is understanding your customer lifecycle from pre-purchase to repeat purchase and advocacy. While marketing automation tools help you maximize conversion rates for each individual purchase, they can miss the bigger picture.

This is where FIDES Suite helps you, we map a customer’s journey and truly understand ALL their purchase patterns from start to finish, helping you truly personalize communication, analyze data and improve a Customers Lifetime Value across their entire lifecycle with you.

Automate customer retention & upsell triggers

Intelligently segments your best customers

Get 360-degree
view of your customers

Run hyper-personalised campaigns for each targeted customer

250+ ways to excite, engage & empower your customers

Offer differentiated & immersive brand experiences to consumers

Transform Your Customer Loyalty Programs

"We serve more than 500 brands and have been guiding our users with perfection to scale their business with continued focus on customer intelligence and experience. And we're not stopping there!"
Mayank Chawla
COO - Accentiv India