How did an insurance company distribute digital rewards to its employees during an online award ceremony?

Our Client:

A leading insurance company providing wealth and life solutions to a diverse customer base.

Business Requirement:

  • Real-time rewards on Awards night
  • The ability for users to choose from multiple brands 
  • Instant gratification



The team at Accentiv’ conceptualized the solution built on TicketXpress to meet client objectives. The goals of the project revolved around user satisfaction.

Benefits for employees:

  • Fixed value digital voucher
  • Flexibility to redeem the voucher online or for OTT brands
  • Multi-brand voucher
  • Employee portal for instant reward redemption


Benefits for the Client:

  • Custom catalog for reward redemption
  • Redemption history of employees
  • Client portal for custom email/SMS
  • Real-time distribution of digital rewards



  • The entire execution was in the form of a digital solution with multi-brand voucher options.
  • Increased user likeability made the Client implement the same gratification for other rewards programs as well.
  • Client internal survey reflected user satisfaction up to 80% compared to previous online R&R programs.


If you too are interested in rolling out digital vouchers for your employees and reward them in real-time. Get in touch

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